Learn Paroli Sports Betting Strategy

The Paroli betting system is a relatively simple sports betting strategy. It’s easy to understand, track and track when playing in person or online casino games. This is one of the reasons why the Paroli sports betting strategy is very popular among beginners. The Paroli betting system is based on a forward betting system. This strategy requires bettors to increase their bets after winning and decrease their bets after losing. Players prefer this strategy for games like roulette, craps, baccarat, football betting, basketball betting, etc.

Features of Paroli Sports Betting Strategy

Notable features of Paroli’s sports betting strategy include:

1. Choose a 1:1 bet

The bettor must choose an even-money bet, or in other words, a bet with only two outcomes with equal (or approximately equal) probabilities to occur. Players can choose this strategy when placing certain bets in roulette, such as B. Betting on color or even/odd or sports, the result is a winner or loser.

2. Set the base bet

After determining the sport to bet on, the player must set the base bet to bet. Players must set their base bets after considering acceptable levels of risk and reward and, more importantly, the player’s bankroll. Bettors should bet between 1% and 6% of their total bankroll. Players can bet more with a higher risk tolerance (6% or more). Be aware, however, that players who inflate their base bet by 10% may lose their entire bankroll on 10 losing spins in a row.

3. Double down on every win

For each win, the bettor must double down on the next bet. For this example, let’s take a base bet of $10. So if a player wins the bet, they bet $20 on the next bet. If the player wins again, the player bets $40 or twice the previous bet amount.

4. Limit up to three wins

For each winning streak, players must double down on up to three consecutive wins before starting the mode again. That’s how bettors get all their wins, as four- and five-straight wins are becoming rarer. After that, the bettor can revert to the original base bet.

5. Return to basic bet after a loss

After losing the game, the player must go back to the original base bet and start a sequence of three consecutive wins. The only way for a player to get eliminated is to go through a long, unfortunate streak of doom.

6. Win more than lose

All players fight for bigger wins and avoid losses at all costs. However, with the Paroli sports betting strategy, players want to get some winning streaks over the course of multiple bets. However, short bursts of winning streaks should cover smaller base bets with multiple losses.

7. The edge of the house

There is always a house edge in roulette, and the Paroli betting system is almost impossible to overcome. In some sequences, even though you may win and lose the same number of rounds or bets, you may still lose more. aa

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